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About Ilsa van Niekerk

Ilsa is a qualified and experienced interior designer in Ballito,  South Africa. She graduated with her degree in Interior Design from the University of Pretoria and is the owner of Interior Edge with over a decade’s worth of experience in the interior design industry.

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My go to accessories for a beautifully finished home

My go to accessories for a beautifully finished home

My clients often ask me how they can freshen up their homes without re-doing the entire place. While it is important for the overall design and furniture layout to be done professionally to keep the space flowing and living optimally, decorating and accessorising your home is usually where clients can have a bit of fun and get creative. 

I have a couple of go-to accessories that I love and always incorporate into my designs to keep a fresh, modern but sophisticated touch. 

1. Wooden ladder for blankets & towels

Wooden ladders for blankets and towels are great...