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The design process and how it works

Hiring an interior designer is a little like hiring a wedding planner. It is our job to keep your project on track from start to finish. By providing your designer with as much information as possible at the start of your project, you allow your designer to know the limits and potential of a project, which in turn will influence how smoothly the design process will run. While most interior designers have a general design process that is similar at some point, no two processes are exactly alike.

At Interior Edge we have put a design process in place that works efficiently and effectively for us and our clients. Here’s a breakdown of our process!


1. First meeting with client (briefing)

It’s our first meeting with you! At this meeting we hope to get to know you a little better, learn more about your lifestyle, family size and needs. Along with all of that we also dig deeper to find out what your budget is, what design style you are looking for and what exactly your project will require of us!

Example of furniture layout design

2. Concept Design (Begin with the end in mind)

Step two of the design process is the concept design. We use all of the information that we gathered in the first step to put together a moodboard for your project.

A moodboard allows us to visualise your space and it gives us greater clarity of what you do and don’t like. It enables us to (as Steven Covey put it) “begin with the end in mind” and ensure a natural flow throughout the design, from one space to the next.

Once we have a moodboard in place we will also roughly begin with a furniture layout plan and space planning to show you exactly how we can utilize your space. Space planning will furthermore allow us to ensure what furniture sizes will work in the space. 


3. Refine, design, evolve

Once we know which look and feel we’re going for we start working on the finer details! Colour schemes, textures, choosing furniture and finishes are all a part of this step. 

Often we come across some design solutions that need to change to accommodate unforeseen circumstances (for example if a product / fabric has been discontinued). This is a part of evolving the design to find the best design solutions for your project.

It is usually the process where you as client is most involved – you get to pick and choose beautiful new decor items, colours and furniture for your home with our expert guidance! 

Example of a 3D rendering of a main bedroom

4. Construction Documents & 3D design

Interior Edge offers fully rendered 3d sketches of our designs to help you get a complete and comprehensive idea of what the final project will look like. We don’t like to keep you guessing and want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our designs before ordering and implementing anything. This is an excellent opportunity for you to provide feedback and we welcome it! 


5. Quoting once client is happy with designs

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Once you’re happy with the designs we send specification documents to our suppliers and once we received their quotes, we compile an itemised quote for you.

When you are fully satisfied with your quote we will send through a deposit invoice so that we can place our orders with suppliers.


6. Installation

This here is the waiting game! You can expect a 6-8 week waiting period for an installation without construction to be complete. A newly built home / renovation will take longer – this being dependent on what the project requirements are. 

Although the wait may feel long, Interior Edge will provide you with constant communication and updates on any developments throughout the project. We will also supply you with a programme and expected timelines to ensure that you are not kept in the dark.

If you have any questions about our design process don’t be afraid to get in touch! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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About Ilsa van Niekerk

Ilsa is a qualified and experienced interior designer in Ballito,  South Africa. She graduated with her degree in Interior Design from the University of Pretoria and is the owner of Interior Edge with over a decade’s worth of experience in the interior design industry.