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What People Say

"Ilsa of Interior Edge has a really good eye for matching her novel ideas within the framework of your needs. She has a natural ability for upgrading a home to be new, chic and modern without losing the happy home vibe needed for a family to feel comfortable in their own environment. She keeps an open communication channel making for an amiable vibe between builder, suppliers & client in an otherwise potentially stressful environment and this makes renovating and change a much easier process. We are loving our newly upgraded home and the spacious feel and would do it all again. Thank you"

-Wendylynne Fisher

"I am very happy with the beautiful home that Interior Edge is creating for me. Ilsa is professional and collaborative in her approach and I have enjoyed working with her."

-Daisy Naidoo

"I met Ilsa in September 2012 during the building phase of our house. The Architect/Project Manager that designed our house recommended Ilsa to us."

-Rock Safe

"Interior Edge helped with the design and interior layout of our house. As well as soft furnishings. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such an accomplished professional. Our new home is very modern and I feel that we have managed to achieve the very outcome I was hoping for. I would not hesitate to use this company again in the future. Thank you Interior Egde for a most satisfying experience."

-Jade Campbell Shepherd

"Ilsa was requested to give my office at the paediatric doctor's room a make- over. She designed an office and sent me an electronic copy to approve. Ilsa was fantastic in the way she carefully sourced, ordered and fixed everything- within less than 2 months it was all done! She also added a beautiful personal touch to warm my heart. Amazingly, she stayed within my budget. Regularly, Ilsa kept me updated on the progress of the blinds, bookshelf, chairs, canvases, carpet, etc. Now the parents of my little patients walk in, stop, take a deep breath and say WOW!"

-Dr. Despina

"Ilsa and the Interior Edge team provide an efficient, friendly and cost-effective service that is unparalleled. Her designs are fresh, practical and tailor made to her clients' taste, life-style and budget. She invests so much time, energy and soul in her projects that clients become friends; continually inspired by her joy, energy and giving spirit."

-Adele Bekker

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